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Musings Sunday Evening March 29, 2020 As we listened from our living room to Neil reading in Ezekiel this morning, the lyrics to Fernando Ortega's song,City of Sorrows, came to my mind. "By the waters of Babylon, still and deep" Ezekiel was written, of course, from the venue of the Babylonian Exile, when the Jewish people were estranged from their ancestral land and, to ...

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Introducing The Plumb Line

Socrates famously said that ‘An unexamined life is not worth living.’ Well, the premise of The Plumb Line, a teaching ministry of Fellowship Bible Church, Greenville, is a paraphrase of this: ‘An unexamined faith is not worth believing.’...

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Why The Plumb Line?

Metaphors and word pictures are a powerful means whereby God has unveiled both His own Person and His plan for the world and the universe in His Holy Word. And one of the most common word pictures found in the Scriptures pertains to the construction industry – the building of a house. Jesus’ pithy saying in regard to the relative merits of building on the rock or on th...

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In a recent Sunday School class at our church, the instructor used the analogy of that ubiquitous feature of all SmartThings – iPads and Pods, SmartPhones, GoogleSearch and other gadgets too brilliant by half. That is the AutoFill feature, whereby the device anticipates the word you are typing and offers to short-circuit the finger process and fill in the word. It’s a ...

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Some Things Hard To Understand

A controversy has raged with varying degrees of heat for the past several decades in regard to the Apostle Paul’s doctrine of justification by faith. In itself the debate is rather complicated, but taken from a broader perspective of Pauline doctrine as detailed in his epistles, it serves as an example of ‘autofill’;...

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