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Introducing The Plumb Line

Introducing…Plumb Line

The Plumb Line

A Teaching Ministry of Fellowship Bible Church of Greenville

Socrates famously said that ‘An unexamined life is not worth living.’ Well, the premise of The Plumb Line, a teaching ministry of Fellowship Bible Church, Greenville, is a paraphrase of this: ‘An unexamined faith is not worth believing.’ Much has been made over the past few decades, of the fact that Christianity is relational – consisting in the relationship of a forgiven sinner with a holy God, through the saving work of Jesus Christ, the Lord. This is all very true and very important, and we applaud the revived emphasis that has brought the relational aspects of Christianity back into view.

But Christianity is also propositional – founded upon historical and redemptive facts that have been propounded through the Scriptures for our salvation and for our instruction. The people of God under the Old Covenant – the children of Israel – valued these facts, which were both revelation and heritage to their nation, and passed them down faithfully from generation to generation. But sadly the Church has relegated the study of the propositions of the faith to special theological institutions – seminaries – and the knowledge of such things to a new priestly class: pastors and rectors, priests and bishops. Yet the Apostle Paul honored the people of Berea as ‘noble minded,’ for taking the study of Scripture upon themselves (Acts 17:11).

The Plumb Line is dedicated to returning the study of Scripture and of theology back to the local church, providing an atmosphere of ‘informal orthodoxy’ in which believers can learn and interact with the propositions of their faith. It is essentially a reconfiguration of a teaching ministry that has been going on at FBC-Greenville since 1997, with a renewed emphasis upon reaching out to believers and ministers throughout the Christian community. The topics range from theology proper to Church History to Comparative Religions to Ethics. Please plan on joining us on Thursday evenings this Fall – in person or via our videotape link - for a reprise of the initial theology course: The Existence & Attributes of God.

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