David Farmer

Conversion: David experienced the mercy of God in Christ, and the ‘radical change,’ in mid-life under the reformed preaching of repentance toward God, and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ; that blessed gospel of Jesus Christ and the doctrines of grace in and through Him.

Called to the ministry: Subsequent to conversion, David felt irresistibly drawn to the ministry of the Word of God, although he was unable to pursue that desire for some years. He was eventually, and providentially, enabled to move from Michigan to South Carolina in 1993, in order to begin studies at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary; graduated (B.Div) in 1998. He was later led, in God’s Providence, to Fellowship Bible Church in 2003, and joining Chuck and Mark in the pastorate, was ordained by God’s grace, in 2006.

Family: David and Barbara were married in 1961. They have five children in Michigan; with fourteen grandchildren, and presently six great-grandchildren.

Focus/desire/direction: Although it may seem simple and trite, David’s desire has been to preach Christ, and Him crucified [only trite if Paul’s longing is considered trite]; to shepherd the sheep of God by a godly example, and to be found faithful in whatever the Lord would put into his hand to do; to go from pulpit to Paradise; to be an instrument of God for revival, beginning at the House of God, that the glory of Jehovah might cover the face of the Earth.


David Farmer


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