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1 John 2:12-15 ‘I write unto you, my little children,…fathers,,,,,,young men.’

1 John 2:12-15'I write unto you, my little children,fathers,,,,,,young men.' I write unto you, my little children, because your sins are forgiven you, for his name's sake. I write unto you, fathers, because ye know him who is from the beginning. I write unto you, young men, because ye have overcome the evil one. I have written unto you, little children, because ye know th...

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3 John ‘Gaius the beloved, Diotrephes, who loveth preeminence, Demetrius hath the witness.’

3 John'Gaius the beloved, Diotrephes, who loveth preeminence, Demetrius hath the witness.' John the apostle who leaned upon the breast of Jesus at the Table, is one who lived to many years. He has borne witness in his third epistle of three individuals that may be found in the church of Jesus Christ. We must infer that the references and warnings certainly are presented f...

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John 8:58 ‘Before Abraham was born, I am.’

John 8:58'Before Abraham was born, I am.' In Exodus, chapter three, we are granted the privilege of witnessing a dialogue between Moses and God; an interview that impregnates the memory of every serious believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This interview evolves out of the circumstances of what one writer has described as 'God Commissions Moses to Deliver Israel out o...

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