This Week's Focus Passage

To The Congregation - January 10, 2021

To the congregation -

We are looking forward to resuming in-person worship this Lord's Day, January 10th. We are planning on celebrating the Lord's Supper but will further postpone the Fellowship Luncheon until at least February. The elders are closely monitoring the current situation regarding the coronavirus pandemic and the conditions in the Upstate, including in Upstate hospitals. We desire to chart a wise course in this matter, as it is apparent that the virus can quickly get out of hand in certain circumstances. Again, we request that you let the elders know if you have tested positive for COVID. In addition, both for the health of our congregation and peace of mind, if you or a family member is ill please consider carefully before attending services. This is, of course, the season for colds and flu - and not every illness is COVID! But recent events have reminded us that the coronavirus can be very dangerous and deadly. The elders have no plans or intentions of cancelling in-person worship in the near future, but information is our best tool for making wise decisions; we greatly appreciate your cooperation. Please continue to pray for God's protection over our assembly, and for a quick return to health for those who are ill.

Thank you. The Elders


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