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FBC: The Plumb Line

Genesis III: Session 1

November 3, 2016 Speaker: Chuck Hartman Series: Genesis III

Topic: Theology Class Scripture: Genesis 11:26–11:32

I. The Father of Three World Religions
A. Abraham Across the Ages
1. Judaism: Hero, Sage, Proto-astronomer
a. Departed Chadee because of persecution brought on by his monotheism
b. Keeper of the Gates of Paradise & Gehenna – Read quote page 3
c. But cp. Joshua 24
2. Islam: Prophet, Messenger, Imam
a. In the company of Adam, Noah, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad
3. Christianity
a. Dispensationalism – the beginning of the Dispensation of Promise or Patriarchal Dispensation
b. Reformed – Progenitor of the Abrahamic Covenant; circumcision becomes baptism
II. Did He Really Exist?
A. Liberal Criticism – a legend of much later Jewish nationalism
B. Apologetic
1. Pervasiveness of Abrahamic stories – both biblical and extra-biblical
a. Many unsubstantiated (king of Damascus, for instance)
b. Many legendary and mythological
2. Archaeology
a. Accurate to the time described, not to the time written
b. If accurate in the geography, demography, and culture…why not accurate in biography, too?
C. The Family of Terah
1. My Three Sons – compare Noah to Terah
a. Cp Ham with Haran
b. Cp Seth with Abram
2. Family Dynamics
a. Who was Sarai?
(a) Iscah
(b) Parallel Cousin?
III. Theology in the Patriarchal Narratives


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