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To The Congregation - January 1, 2021

To the Congregation.

Hopefully by now you have heard that Neil Slater has tested positive for COVID-19 and has had a fever since the 23rd. Along with Josh’s illness (and mild illnesses for Elizabeth and Molly), this places the coronavirus closer to our congregation than it has been thus far (Bob Mina did also test positive, but he was not at any church functions prior to and during his illness). For this reason, as you know, we have cancelled services for this Sunday. We are still hopeful that in-person service will resume on the 10th.

However, it is very important that the elders know as soon as possible if any family in the congregation falls ill, and especially if anyone tests positive for COVID. As before, we ask that you stay at home if any member of your family has had flu-like symptoms, or even a cold (we never want to spread that, either). But in order for us to make an informed decision regarding in-person services, we need to know if anyone else may have contracted the virus from either the Johnsons or the Slaters (Elena is not ill, but she may be asymptomatic). We appreciate your cooperation in this as we seek to act wisely in both protecting the congregation from a potentially-dangerous illness, but also in observing the biblical command, privilege, and joy of assembly.

Thank you.


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