Excerpts from Martyrs Mirror

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Excerpts from Martyrs Mirror

The handout includes about 1/4 of the Martyrs Mirror's material on the "Twenty Persons at London" persecution. To get an observer's description of their story and what happened to these Dutch Anabaptists in London, I'd recommend beginning with Jaques de Somere's letter to his mother in the Netherlands (pages 3-6 of the handout). Though a Dutch Calvinist and not in full agreement theologically with these Anabaptists, Jaques supported them in this episode.

Page 1 of the handout begins with the concluding paragraph of the Martyrs Mirror's account of the story, condemning the Church of England's preachers for not following their own Reformed theology.

Then, the rest of pages 1-2 are the opening paragraphs of a letter composed in prison by these Dutch Anabaptist of prisoners, highlighting the general overview of their situation and persecution. (The final 80% of their letter is much more detailed regarding the biblical basis behind their beliefs in response to particular allegations against them, but I did not include it for space purposes here.)

In addition to these materials, the Martyrs Mirror also includes several additional letters and statements of faith by the Dutch Anabaptist prisoners.

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